20 Year Anniversary Best Charity Award
Troops With AdoptaPlatoon Care Packages

Contribute to become a Platoon Patriot today!

The Platoon Patriot program allows you to sign up to give monthly recurring donations at a level you are comfortable with giving.

Your monthly gift will ensure that the flow of seasonal, custom care packages continues as more and more of our Service Members are deployed overseas.

Morale Booster - $5/month
Your monthly contribution will allow us to buy three pairs of socks every month that will be put into customized care packages for three U.S. Heroes serving overseas.

In return for your gift, you will be sent a custom-designed static-cling that can be placed on your car or on a window at home or at work, identifying you as a Platoon Patriot.

Hero Helper - $16.50/month
Your monthly donation will help us buy socks and dental kits (that's a field toothbrush and toothpaste for our much requested Dental Kits for the Deployed program) and other specialty items to send our deployed Heroes each month.

For a generous monthly gift of at least $16.50 you'll receive not only the static-cling, but also a specially designed eyeglass pouch reminding you of your unselfish support of our deployed Heroes.

Soldier Supporter - $33/month
Your monthly gift ensures that one specialized and seasonal care package gets into the hands of a Soldier every month. These care packages contain items like: socks, toiletries, sunscreen, protein foods, blankets, etc. and treats that remind them of home.

For your monthly commitment of $33 or more, not only will we send you the static-cling and eyeglass pouch, but we will also send you a Platoon Patriot cap so that you can show everyone that YOU support our Troops.

Overseas Ally - $66/month
AdoptaPlatoon Cup Your monthly contribution will make sure that two Service Members recieve a care package each month.

For a new monthly gift of $66 or more, you'll receive two Platoon Patriot caps, proudly displaying your support for our Troops. Of course you'll receive the static-cling and eyeglass pounch, too!

Deployment Defender - $132/month
Your monthly contribution will support an entire Platoon of 40 Soldiers or Marines over the course of the year.

With your monthly gift of $132, we will send you a custom AdoptaPlatoon blanket so you can keep warm and show your support for our heroes at the same time! You will also receive the static-cling, eyeglass pouch, and two ball caps!

Troop Champion - $1,320/month
Your monthly contribution will make sure customized and seasonal care packages for 40 Soldiers or Marines - an entire Platoon - are received every month!

In appreciation for your very generous monthly gift of $1,320, you will recieve a specially designed Patriot Pin, along with the blanket, static-cling, eyeglass pouch, and two ball caps!