My Conservative Friend,

The Elbert Guillory’s America PAC has successfully put up hard-hitting billboards and radio ads supporting eight of my fellow Black Republican brothers throughout the nation and three Latina Republicans from South Texas along the US-Mexican border.

This year, I am feeling more optimistic than usual. I feel the energy of the MASSIVE RED WAVE!

The question now is: How BIG will the RED WAVE be?

In years past, not all of my endorsed candidates won their respective elections. Some of the candidates I got behind were in very competitive swing districts. But even if we lose a few elections, we will likely flip both the House and the Senate anyway. And we will probably have a record amount of Black and Latino Republicans in Congress regardless of how big this wave is.

So get excited, because we are going to rack up a lot of big wins tomorrow.

Enjoy the big wins, the leftist tears, the epic meltdowns on MSNBC and CNN, and most importantly the fact that YOU made a HUGE difference in saving America from the radical Left.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my messages and making a contribution, no matter how big or small. Whether you donated $5 or $500, I appreciate your support so much.

Don’t forget to VOTE! Enjoy Election Day and I’ll touch base later this week.


Senator Elbert Guillory (ret.)



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